More like modern art installations than social media snaps, The Bakemonger’s artisan bakes are real show-stoppers to fill your feed with.
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'Fresh & Wild' Cakescape

'Fresh & Wild' Cakescape

The Bakemonger - A forward thinking, imaginative, artisan baker inspired by art design and culture.  On a mission for edibles to be accepted as a valid art form. 

The Bakemonger creates alternative, emotive edibles that awaken your senses.  Layered with texture, colour & flavour it has been said they resemble 'edible tapestries'.  We are not about making pretty cupcakes, don't get us wrong we love beautiful design, but more than anything we like to create and innovate.  We don't want to stand still.  Change is essential for us, we move with the seasons, with the zeitgeist, with what feels right.  Reach for the future.  

We make delicious, moist, full flavoured cake sculptures, decorated with innovative edibles that DO taste as good as they look.  Each decorative element adds a further flavour dimension to your eating experience.  ALL our decorations are created in house and never shop bought.   We want you to love your cake inside and out, marvel over its unique detail and then dream about the flavour long after it has gone.  

'Cakescapes' & centre pieces for weddings, birthdays, celebrations, feasts and all manor of fabulous events are our speciality - always guaranteed to drop jaws and cause animated conversation!  Our cakes very rarely have a front or a back, you decide; It's time to have fun with your edibles.

Our delicacies definitely do not stop at cake.  We create edible installations, sensorial foodie experiences, as well as personalised and bespoke individual cakes, Tarts, and canapés; each turned out glistening and gleaming topped with a twist of the Bakemonger magic.  So many of you tell us that each fabulous creation is like a mini edible work of art.  Thank you.

Our service is fully bespoke, every item is baked and specifically developed in consultation with our customers.  We gather as much information as possible before sketching our ideas for your selection.  The Bakemonger aims to inspire and ensure our products are both memorable and show stopping.

Everything is crafted by hand in the Bakemonger's kitchen in Frome, Somerset, where there is a thriving independent business scene that is bursting with creativity.

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